Tuesday, May 29, 2007


We don't believe the words, we just love the way they sound

I'm thinking that opening quotation might be cursed, as every entry I have tried to write in the last month has begun with it. You'd think I would learn, but a lunatic devotion to "try, try again" has always been my way of doing things.

The first time I heard anyone say something negative about Martin Luther King Jr. I was absolutely floored. According to every account I have read or seen, the man was a saint. Not only did he preach non-violent protest and advocate for the rights of an entire people, but I also heard his tears cured cancer and a choir of angels sang at his birth.
History and Street Name Bureaucracies have been kind to MLK Jr. and our textbooks seem to have overlooked the media frenzy that surrounded him back in his day. Mistresses, drugs, and scandal abounded, some rumors of which may have been true. I wouldn't say that too loudly, I don't want the NAACP or ACLU on my ass. They're scrappy SOB's, and I'm no good in a fight. Ask Linda.

My point is that our history gets written for us and our memories fade fast. My lack of blog entries lately has stemmed from the sheer fact that I haven't had the free time to have epiphanies or meditate on the idiosyncrasies of life, and simply chronicling the non-adventures of bar tending and academia has seemed dull and silly. However... if I don't write about my life, who will?

Barring the fact that everyone has the desire to be remembered in some fashion, suppose I get named as the Pirate King in a strange twist of fate involving loopholes in The Code and a devious Captain, and the tales of my life are to be sang in beer halls forever more. I can't think of anyone worthy enough to write my biography than me. I would hate just as much to be vilified as I would to be sainted, for I am neither The Penguin nor Mother Theresa.

That being said:
-Bar tending is boring/stressful, but profitable.
-There are only a couple projects standing in my way of summer.
-I just bought 4 of 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls for $20 each.
-I'm pretty sure Durbin's amazing.
-Miranda is trapsing around Europe and I'm mega jealous.
-My bedroom window makes the wind howl, a problem I need fixed NOW.
-I get to live downtown Naperville while I'm in school next year.
-Only 23 more weeks of my college career. Yikes.
-Board opping at WJOL will put you in a coma.

Baby Jesus in the woods,