Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Build God, then we'll talk

I'm lucky, it would seem, that at the advent of every new year, I'm struck at how many amazing and new things I accomplished the previous year. It surprises me every single time at how much I grow in experience, if not as a person, between Januarys.

2006 was a good year for me. All things considered, it may very well have been my best year ever if we judge things on a good incident to bad incident ratio. My overall happiness throughout the year is slightly marred by my usual "winter melancholy" that cleverly disguised itself in the form of boy-angst for the first couple months of '06, and so when I think of good old 2006 I might remember first "oh boy was I ridiculously depressed about that thing" before I remember the good. Such is the way with minor trauma, I suppose.

2006: The Main Events

The Boyfriend - In late February I made my first ever "first move" on Alex, and he had the grace not to kick me unceremoniously from his house. A strangely indeterminate amount of time later we decided that yes, we were dating and yes, we were each other's boy/girlfriend. This confusion smoothed itself out into what eventually led to "I love you's", and keeps leading me every day into meaning it more than I did the day before. Sappy, I know. I'll give you permission to go throw up before I continue with the list.

The Internship - February was an important month for me, it seems. I spent the next few months taking the trian to Chicago at ungodly hours three days a week, as well as additional days for mind numblingly boring/face rockingly awesome promotion jobs. Q101 always had infinitely more interesting promotions, if only because when people came to the table I didn't have to hear them say "I've been listening to The Loop since before you were born!". Once I was bestowed a VIP pass, and anther time I ran meet and greets for some (pretty darn) famous bands. Sometimes I, myself, got treated like a celebrity and other times like dirt. All in all, I wish I could have stayed.

International Travel - Until the end of July, I'd never gone anywhere more exotic than Arizona, and suddenly I was whisked away to Ostroda, Poland for two weeks in the summer, and then off to Berlin, Germany for two and a half weeks just a couple weeks ago. I have a passport (with the worst picture of me in the history of pictures of me), visa entry/exit stamps, and lots of pictures. I now appreciate sparkling water, not bathing, and the metric system.

Independence - Much as I had suspected, living on my own isn't very different than living with my family, other than much, much more expensive. My apartment is finally beginning to feel like "home", and is messy enough to look like a home that belongs to me. I tend to neglect my mom and dad, however. I should probably start putting up post-it notes to remind me to at least call them every so often.

Twenty One! - yeah, whatever.

And now, without futher ado, my 2007 wish-list:

Dean's List (I really need to start achieving again)
Another internship (WGN?)
Keep the Boyfriend (lack of heartache always a plus)
Kick ass at Nationals (both of them?)
Good driver's licence picture (ha!)

That's all, really. I'm pretty low-maintenence this year.

Take this to your grave,

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