Tuesday, April 10, 2007

AFA and blogging

Oh yeah, I'm the mother fucking Princess.

I never have anything important to say anymore, and I really wish I did, because I heard blogs are going to be the new history books. Historians get all squishy when they find diaries from past times, "glimpses into real life from the past" and such. Look at how popular Anne Frank's diary is, and she didn't even particularly write about anything earth shattering. Just "Life is really tense. Living in an attic really sucks. I hope we don't die. I love Peter".

Pardon me if that was offense. I'm just saying she was writing about the trivialities of teenage life in the context of some tense politics.

If Cathi Martin were a beverage, she would be: Milk

Ever since I heard that bit of speculation-- that blogs will be future historians glimpse of real life in the early 21st century-- I've been wondering what, exactly, my scribblings have contributed to the collective consciousness of the world. My perceptions of major world events, that is, 9/11, the war on terror, catastrophic weather occurances and climate change, have been peripheral at best.

If Cathi Martin were a character from 10 Things I Hate About You, she would be: the dad

I plan to give a speech next year about how cell phone manufacturers are contributing to the turmoil in the Congo because they're greedy bastards. Yay!

If Cathi Martin were a building on NCC's campus, she would be: the library

I'm beginning to feel the first strains of my biggest fear of the whole "Alex going to UIC" situation. Talking (almost) every day is okay, I guess, but not a very good substitute for the real thing.

If Cathi Martin were a food, she would be: a pineapple


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