Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sometimes it's a long time

A chance to build it from the ground

I'm not sure if it's possible to fall in love with someone based on their voice alone, but if so, The Boy better watch his back. Jason Mraz is stealing me away.


As a compulsive list maker and proud owner of a BA, I think I'm somewhat qualified to make rational decisions. As a relatively successful speech-maker and debater, I also think I'm somewhat qualified to weigh all sides of an issue, or at the very least acknowledge that there are multiple sides to an issue. As a communications and foreign language double major, I can't promise that my skills will lead me down a profitable or logical path.

So please: as I weigh my options for what to do about my living situation, let me do it my way. I know about the financial benefits and drawbacks. I know about the social benefits and drawbacks. I know about the mental and professional benefits and drawbacks. Whatever the decision is, trust me that I've thought it out rather painstakingly and ultimately had to flip a coin.


Despite bets placed on the contrary, The Boy and I did not wind up hating each other after our long D.C. roadtrip weekend. He came away hating Washington, and I came away hating The Boy's tendency toward tight-waddiness, but I'd say that over all, the trip was a success.

He and I are both characteristically reticent, so it shouldn't have come as a surprise to me that, when I scolded him for picking up his book when we literally only had 20 minutes left of our drive home, his response was a rather whiny, "...but I've been talking to you for the last two hours!"

While our nation's capital might not have dazzled me or filled me with a newfound respect, I emerged with a better sleep schedule and a heart filled to bursting. Our two-year "I love you"-versary passed with little more than a text message acknowledgment, but we're not the gushy type. We finally have nice pictures of us together, and while we may not have a lot to say, it's clear neither of us mind too much.

15 days until Hawaii!
18 days until Miranda is a palindrome!
20 days until Jaci is a palindrome!
21ish days until Illinois again!
Month and a halfish until on my own?
71 days until NOT SCHOOL!

Miss Tinkles, 

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