Saturday, September 1, 2012

I'm still looking up

So much to talk about.

Amazing photography from Shane Welch
I'm married; the wedding was awesome, everyone was awesome, the food was awesome, my dad's men's choir was awesome, the fact that someone was always there dancing with me even though I just had an iPod for music was awesome, The Boy was awesome, my sister was awesome, Poncho and Mr. Poncho were especially and epically awesome, the staff at Meson Sabika was awesome. I'm still kind of floating on a cloud of awesome.

Honeymoon was Las Vegas. It was very hot and dry, I actually missed humidity. Sleeping however long we wanted was amazing. Being together 24/7 didn't get annoying. The pool at TI was stupid. We saw a guy get stopped by a bike cop for jaywalking on Fremont St. Cirque du Soleil O was mind-blowing. Penn and Teller were pretty funny. We saw some sharks and they were okay, but the big sea turtle was better. We walked pretty much everywhere which was kind of a mistake. The Friday's at Gold Coast blows, but they did have a lot more food. We doubled our gambling money. Being able to drink while walking down the sidewalk was great.

First day back in "real life" was bar champs, where I took second place, which is the best place because that means I don't have to do it again for another year. We still don't have enough bartenders to cover shifts for a full week, so things are as stressy as before.

Living with a boy is different, but fine. We made dinner together last night. He hogs the bed. I'm still messy despite thinking I'd be better at picking up after myself with another human being's comfort to worry about.

I'm happy. Nervous about trying to come up with a sort of "married life" routine since "lol whatever" has been my living-alone M.O. Something more eloquent to come later.

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