Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Let's get these teen hearts beating faster, faster

I am not a giggly girl. I don't go into hysterics whenever something hilarious happens. At best, I'll let out a nice, sincere laugh and then let it drop. Every so often something will strike me as so utterly ridiculous that I'll laugh so hard that no noise comes out and tears squeeze out of my eyes. MXC was good for that the other day. I am not one to fall into screams of laughter, however, and those who do grate on my ears. Quiet amusement is the life for me.

I've found it's getting easier and easier to break through my Glass Cage of Emotion and ask questions that have been on my mind. It is still a task which requires weeks of thinking, waiting, and gathering up a network of safety nets and small acrobats, but it is, nevertheless, easier than it used to be. I just wish the same could be said for my intended conversational counterpart.

Some people need to work on humility. Oh wait, that's me.

The more I learn about astronomy and the universe, the more my belief in God is strengthened. It's a little complicated, but ask me about it sometime.


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