Friday, March 24, 2006

Sitting, waiting, wishing

You can't stop wishing if you don't let go

Does taking solace in someone else's loneliness make me a bad person?

This feels like it will end up being one of those stream of consciousness, list-esque entries because I don't have much of a focus for my thoughts today. So be it.

How am I? Sick. Busy. Happy. Empty. Usually all at the same time. I had a discussion with a friend about how the key to happiness is just being busy enough so that you don't have time to be miserable, and I'm finding that this is true. I have been adequately distracting myself so that it is the infrequent moment when the tired, silly angst grabs me. Those moments still hurt like hell, though.

How are you? Everyone I know seems to be in different conditions. Existing, falling, thriving, succeeding, coping, waiting. Whoever you are, I hope the state you are in is a happy one.

I hate having secrets, especially when it is only from one person because they are so hard to maintain, and often so pointless.

Not only is this a self centered, list-like stream of consciousness entry, it is a short one. I have run out of thoughts, worries, or complaints. I'm exhausted through and through and racking my brain for more substance is proving too much, and putting this off for another day feels like a waste of what little I have penned. So good night, my precious friends. Tomorrow is a busy, distraction filled day.

Siting, waiting, wishing,

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