Wednesday, November 1, 2006


We're always sleeping in and sleeping for the wrong team

God must be looking out for my best interests via the internet, because this is the 4th time an entry or post or message of sorts has been lost among the wires and radio signals. On the bright side, I get to let my worries and emotions fester for a little while longer. Thanks, Jesus.

I have lost all motivation to do, well, anything. I just sort of want to lay in bed, read Harry Potter, and watch Gilmore Girls, concurrently if I could make that happen. School work is happening later and later than it really should. I completed a radio production project a mere 3 hours before it was due, a feat I might actually be attempting again later tonight, as lethargy has set upon me and nothing sounds more appealing right now than napping and trying to rid myself of this headache.

Television will be the death of me.

Sew Be It,

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