Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Tally ho! Scones, Benny Hill, Big Ben, yellow teeth and all that!

The novelty of not having to wear pants while playing my music as loudly as I can stand is somewhat subdued by the fact that sleeping alone in an otherwise empty apartment is pretty lonely and slightly unnerving.

I was listening to the radio today and it seemed that every song I heard on my way to work was themed around "living in the moment", or at the very least "stop worrying about the past". I'm usually pretty good at adhering to these philosophies on the smiling, wiggly outside, but it doesn't stop me from biting my nails off and tossing and turning in bed.

Things Currently Worrying Me:
-Money for Berlin
Things Currently Exciting Me:

Another List?
-1 day until Thanksgiving
-2 days until the MSBE (Martin Sister Birthday Extravaganza)
-9 days until Linda's birthday
-10 days until I fly away
-21 days until I'm 21
-27 days until I fly back
-33 days until Christmas
-40 days until 2007
-41 days until Winter Term


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