Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bad attitudes

I've got my head high, mind higher

Just when I had finally straighted out my head and achieved a zen-like approach to my life as it currently stands, I decided to throw a huge fucking monkey wrench into the placidly turning gears. Looks like I just can't be content being, well, content. We'll see what comes out of this.

I've never understood the appeal of having an attitude problem, or simply copping an attitude. I mean sure you're "hardcore" and people know not to "fuck with you" but is having that edge really worth a majority of people absolutely loathing you?j Is the weight of the world settled so heavily upon your shoulders that you simply cannot find the time to be considerate of other people?

I'm not asking surly teenagers to be nice. As my buddy Jordan said, there is a vast difference between being considerate and being nice. To be considerate is to think of other people from time to time and not letting your failings interfere with other people's lives. To be nice is to be considerate all the time with no good reason. Hell, I'm not nice, I can't ask anyone else to be. I just ask that you keep your foul mouth, rolling eyes, and Billy Idol snarl away from me.

It's just uncalled for to call someone a "stupid bitch" for making a mistake, or swearing at authority figures, or making rude gestures behind other people's backs. Why are you so pissed off? Calm down. Smile at something that isn't at someone else's expense. Don't scoff at constructive criticism, and for the love of God, stop rolling your eyes.


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