Friday, February 17, 2006

Reminding myself about the people in my life

If the silence takes you then I hope it takes me too

Do you remember when you gave me the nickname of Stabby the Clown?

Do you remember when you walked around downtown Naperville with that decoration you stole from the Arabian Nights homecoming dance dangling out of your fly?

Do you remember when we stayed up almost all night eating as much crap as we could, popcorn, extra-chocolatey hot chocolate, pretzels, frozen pizza, chips, and whatever else we could get our hands on, and then watched House on Haunted Hill with massive stomach aches?

Do you remember when we talked about bees?

Do you remember when we would go sledding down the barely imperceptible incline in the front yard, and that was thrilling enough?

Do you remember when you came to visit me at school even though we had only hung out together once or twice before, and how it wasn't even weird?

Do you remember how I always had something witty to say whenever you showed up, but really just wanted to throw up the whole time?

Do you remember when I dragged you three blocks in the freezing cold after we saw Blue Man Group just so I could take a picture of The Man Hole, and you accidentally yelled "sick!" just as a gay couple walked by?

Do you remember when you almost crashed the car when I said "I'm holding a joint right now!"?

Do you remember when we traded pants at Rachel's birthday party?

Do you remember how we were so sure the school system had a conspiracy against us when we were at last placed in the same class, they divided up the 5th grade and you got moved?

Do you remember when we set up a brownie stand in your backyard to sell them to golfers, and Ms. Rzeppa was the drink cart lady and she gave us a free pop to share?

Do you remember when I told you that you looked good, and you told me that it looked like a clown threw up on me? Yeah, thanks.

Do you remember when we would take walks at obscene hours of the night, and I would never wear shoes, and then complain about my stupidity?

Do you remember when you wanted me to be in a Michelle Branch music video you were making, but I didn't know any of the words?

Do you remember when we were driving back from the movies, and we sang our hearts out to "Shine" by the T's, and you commented upon our three "fucking" years of friendship?

Do you remember when we were at state for Group Interp and the senior girls convinced you to try on a Hooters shirt, and you struck a hilarious sexy pose that haunts you to this day?

Do you remember when we would just drive around aimlessly, windows down, talking about life, sometimes belting out a Disturbed song or Barbara Ann?

Do you remember when we lit those leaves we put in the Walgreens shopping cart on fire, and my neighbor came out and yelled at us?

Do you remember going to get our ears pierced together, and I decided to go first and then passed out, thereby shaking you up and terrifying that little girl?

Do you remember when we would eat at Taco Bell almost every day, and that time you made "fire cheese!"?

Do you remember sitting in your bedroom and listening to "Graduation" by Vitamin C and crying, wondering if life after middle school would be the same?

Do you remember when I could convince you to ditch your option period and come to Taco Bell with me, and we'd sit and talk and bask in the glow of being deliquents?

Do you remember when I loved you? Oh wait, that's right now.

Ressurecting memories from ashes,

Awkward moment of the day:

Scene: I'm being a DJ, Wes comes into the studio and begins looking at the away messages of the people on FM89's buddy list.

Wes: Let's see what you're doing.
Auto Response from Dusted Pyxie: I love you.
Me: Uh, apparently I love you.

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