Monday, February 6, 2006


I'm not proud of much, but when I'm somewhere else in this world and a stranger asks me where I'm from, I stand a little straighter, my shoulders square a little broader, my eyebrows raise a little highter and with a smile I say..."Chicago".

Yet another weekend filled with reminders that I do not, in fact, talk like a normal human being. At one point I found myself surrounded by Alabama students after a rallying cry of "Y'all! Come here! Listen to how she says 'Chicago'! Hey, say it again!" This was the break of routine that I needed to draw me out of the mood I had been in. My sleep cycle will not recover for days, but the stronger bonds and the better mental health was worth it.

Nothing new, exciting, or interesting has happened to me recently with the exception of this trip, so if I talk excessivly about it, forgive me. Life has been somewhat painfully monotonous until this weekend. Highlights: buffalo chicken pizza, hour long conversation with Brady, nude mice with Courtney, 6th place, dominating Burnt, hot tubbing, Jimbob, and being insightful. For the record, Jimbob is a real person whom I met this weekend.

Short entry. Big smiles. Empty hearts. Lots of love.

Mutual Adjustable Punch,

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