Saturday, January 21, 2006

petty girls

What we smile about behind your back would make you want to die, and that's our goal

Girls can be evil bitches, and I'm saying that nicely. The complexities and subtlties of female cruelty never cease to amaze me. Unlike those of the male persuasion, I can understand and comprehend the elaborate dances that are inter-female relations even if I don't like or condone them.

I spent part of tonight "bonding" with a classmate of mine over how neither of us are very fond of her roommate. I overheard her ranting to one of her friends, and later on I expressed how I was relieved that there was someone else on this planet who also did not like the girl in question. Looking back, I suppose I initiated our petty, ruthless conversation, but it was never my intent. I didn't mean for it to turn into a bitch-fest over exactly what about the girl we didn't like.

To be fair, my new friend did most of the complaining; it was her roommate we were talking about, after all. I simply stated the reason I didn't like the girl: I overheard her making fun of a friend of mine one time, and once you do that, you're more or less out of my esteem forever. However, I did not stick up for this girl, nor did I contest my new friend's somewhat petty complaints. I let her detail small infractions, ridicule room cleaning habits, and describe how said roommate doesn't even know how many people hate her.

It's a sad world we live in, us girls and women with few real problems. We expend a good deal of energy into maintaining friendships we don't want, scorning people who have done us no wrong, and smiling at everyone so that we always appear to be on good terms. To imagine the things we could accomplish with the time and resources we pour into our Drama would probably make you combust.


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