Thursday, January 26, 2006

You know what really grinds my gears?

Because no one can ever know enough about me, especially when such information comes in convienient lists, I am today going to regale this blog audience with a list of my pet peeves.

Things That Piss Me Off
althernatly: You know what really grinds my gears?

1) People who put up away messages with song lyrics, or quotations, or even original poetic quips that are obviously directed at someone in particular. It's not that I mind expressing yourself, it's that I know the motivation behind it. You put up song lyrics about how "ooh I miss you baby" and you hope in your heart of hearts that Bobby from chem class will be compulsively checking away messages and he'll read it and instinctively know it's for him. In reality, we all see these messages, and we all assume they are not about us, so the person you're hoping to reach with your subliminal messaging will never get the hint and it's a boring waste of our time.

2) Mouth noises. That slurping, sucking, moist noise that people make when doing pretty much anything that involves movement of the lips and/or tongue. It's most irritating when you're in a quiet room, perhaps your dorm room, trying to do something that requires concentration, let's say... study, and all you can focus on is the sickening slap and smack of your roommate noisily eating oatmeal across the room. It makes me want to throw up. Equally as annoying is the sound people make when kissing and neither involved party is you.

3) Evil, conniving, backstabbing, manipulative girls. This should be self-explainatory, but I don't know if you quite understand. I'm talking about the girls who have secret codes for people they don't like, let's say the word "muffin", and then turn around and use that word in a friendly fashion with said undesireable party, for example calling that girl "muffin". It's deplorable and petty.

4) Small talk with people you don't really know. It's those awkward conversations with kids from a class you had last year who you just happen to be standing behind in line, so you say "Hey, Global Perspectives, right?" and they say "Yeah. That class was gay". And you proceed to have a 3-5 minute conversation revolving around the gayness of a class. There is no point in having these conversations other than to keep yourself occupied for a period of time, during which you could be doing better things, like re-prioritizing your life, rather than forcing small laughs and bright smiles.

5) People who are concerned about money. I don't mean the people with financial worries, to be concerned about how to pay bills and whether or not you can afford to take baths this month is legitimate. I mean the people who place value in it outside of it's actual function. It's the people who won't let friends take them out to dinner and the ones who flip out about exorbidant parking fees. It's just money. If someone has it, and they are willing to spend it, it's not a big deal.

6) Hidden agendas. Whether you are hanging out with a guy in order to get to his best friend, or joining the Association of Student Communicators to pick up chicks, these suck. What is the use in having friendships if you are not open with each other? Why do we have to do funny little dances in elaborate costumes just to get the attention of a guy we like? Why can't conversations be straight forward without someone needing to read between the lines?


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