Thursday, January 19, 2006


Numbers and text hide ulterior agenda

I have a rating scale to judge how pathetic my life is that is directly proportional to how much time I spend thinking about guys. I've been at threat level Red: Severe for at least two weeks now.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you're going about your life and then something seemingly mundane catches you off gaurd and knocks you flat on your ass? That happened to me twice yesterday within a five minute span. Just as I was getting the breath back into my lungs from the first surprise, the other one jumped out and incapacitated me for another few minutes. It's like the world suddenly stops, you're robbed of breath, and you get rather hot or cold, depending on the stimulus. These pole-axing happenings spurred me to re-prioritize my life somewhat.

Current priorities in life
by virtue of thought/time allocation

1) Guys, one in particular.
2) What state my life is in that I am spending so much time thinking about Guys.
3) School.
4) Internship.
5) Speech team.

Goal priorities

1) School.
2) Internship.
3) Speech team.
4) Social life.

We'll see if that actually happens. Five bucks says it doesn't.

And then I found $5!,

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